dark corkscrew ep

this is a record about crime and people. it’s about perpetrators and victims and crimes of money, property and of the heart and soul. whether expressed by the sneaky skank of dark corkscrew, the languid reflections of building on fire, the cut and paste collage of ice machine or through the straight story of neighbours, this is the sound of human beings looking for a way out.

Dark Corkscrew EP


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let’s make a deal!

we’re huge fans of kim and kelley deal and loved doing a cover of the single version of saints, originally released in 1993. and now there’s a video as well!
we did the video like we did the song, in our rehearsal space (although there were possibly more than three takes). hope you like it, we do!

frog bouquet

as you’ve probably noticed we’re very fond of doing covers. so fond, in fact, that we’ve done over seventy the past three years. we decided to release 11 of the best as frog bouquet, our very own little christmas gift for you, you, and, especially, you. it’s on spotify, deezer, wimp, itunes and just about every other music provider you can imagine. enjoy!



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The Stuff: Frog Bouquet: Covers from Our Space


track listing:

  1. the price of love (everly brothers/ferry)
  2. the new pollution (beck)
  3. saints (breeders)
  4. lucifer sam (pink floyd)
  5. i’m bored (iggy pop)
  6. have love will travel (sonics)
  7. precious and grace (zz top)
  8. stroll on (yardbirds)
  9. s.u.s. (the ruts)
  10. neat neat neat (the damned)
  11. father christmas (the kinks)

one minute single

a rare blend of art rock, punk, new wave, glam, blues and 60’s pop! two very different takes of the same song. which one’s the best? you choose!

(this is a digital release only. a very limited number of hand made physical cds are for sale)

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One Minute - Single - The Stuff

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The Stuff: One Minute

play me ep

brutal smarts and elegant attack! this all original release by Sweden’s finest rat lovers sounds like no other. the guitars are relentless, the harmonies soaring, the dirty synths and driving rythm section will nail you to the wall.

Play Me

hooky as hell pop/rock songs… superb stuff!
johnny hayward, uberrock.co.uk
bandet kombinerar framgångsrikt klassiska popmelodier (tänk blur och kinks) med rena ac/dc-röjet.
patrik wirén, gaffa.se

track listing:

  1. the beat
  2. one more time
  3. let me tell you
  4. follow me
  5. doctors
  6. closer

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The Stuff: Play Me