the stuff originally met in the vast sewer system connecting europe’s major cities. they attended good schools, but it was no use. as soon as they saw the chance, they broke their gilded cages and headed for the wild. once there, they honed their skills, sharpened their fangs and repeatedly broke their e-strings.

there followed a time of confusion and tangled shoelaces. then suddenly one of the rats came down with recording sickness. the other rats, themselves sick (with worry) located erattic studios in mowsel and decided on a pilgrimage to save their ailing friend. when they arrived, however, the studio wasn’t there. they went back home and discovered that mowsel was missing too. as a last, desperate attempt they recorded an ep, hunched over and quarreling in an undergound hovel. they turned all the knobs and then some, and finally managed a noise.

they forced us to go to therapy and we now realise we’re not rats, just four swedish men. this has been a major shock, we feel absolutely furious and must must must express ourselves… right… now. so we’re playing live gigs to let it all out. the rats, er i mean us, i mean we are really looking forward to sing only for you. stay tuned!